How we innovate

Product innovation

Our extensive domain knowledge, control over resources, experience in the supply chain and flexibility allow us to quickly react to market opportunities. We are constantly investing in research, anticipating trends and introducing new product categories to the market. Macromex works with the best research and development teams.

For the Edenia brand we have developed the most diverse range of frozen products, prepared according to original recipes and with the highest quality ingredients. It is the brand that covers most of the categories in this segment: vegetables, fish and seafood, ready meals (meat, fish, ethnic food), pizzas, smoothies, dough and meat specialities.

Corso is the ice cream of the new generation, famous for its original flavours and the craziest combinations, always surprising.

La Strada ice cream and sorbets stand out for their refinement and an impressive collection of authentic flavours and ingredients.

Brand Innovation

With each brand in the Macromex portfolio, we've reshaped industry standards, constantly raising the bar. Through the way we've created and positioned our brands, we've proven that originality can reach new levels and inspire consumers to new experiences.

Through the La Strada brand, we brought fashion to the ice cream industry, launching the world's first ready-to-wear ice cream. It is the brand that best defines our position as a trendsetter. By the way it looks, the way it tastes and the way it communicates, La Strada is unlike any other ice cream brand, a unique combination of elegance and boldness.

Edenia is a leader in most of the categories in which it operates, changing consumer habits through continuous education, giving consumers the right perspective on frozen food.

We launched the coolest ice cream of the new generation - Corso, not just an ice cream, but a pop-brand. The ice cream of the young generation, which, through a sincere approach and a unique communication, has become the coolest and most loved ice cream in Romania, even after the first year of its launch.


Our manufacturing plants use the latest technology in the field and the most advanced production techniques. Once they leave the production line, it is very important that these products reach consumers quickly and in perfect temperature conditions. From production to consumption, the cooling process must never be interrupted.

We have built the most advanced warehouse in Romania for temperature-controlled products in Câmpia Turzii. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, the Edenia Distribution Centre operates with high efficiency and minimal energy consumption. This complex includes the highest fully automated High-Bay warehouse for frozen products in Europe.

Logistics and Transport

Macromex has an impressive, high-performance logistics infrastructure for the storage and distribution of temperature-controlled products. This guarantees that the quality of the products is maintained until they reach the consumer.


National coverage through:

  • 2 distribution centres: Bucharest (Corso Distribution Center) and Câmpia Turzii (Edenia Distribution Center).
  • 5 cross-docking points: Arad, Craiova, Brasov, Bacău, Constanta
  • Own fleet of more than 80 temperature-controlled vehicles
  • Over 150,000 pallets of goods distributed/year.
  • 15,000 - 20,000 deliveries/month
  • Capacity to operate a large number of products
  • Processes orders of various types and sizes: from a few trucks/order to a few kg/order; orders can be at pallet, case or even unit level
  • Short turnaround time (order pick - delivery): 24-48 hours
  • Full service for temperature controlled products
  • State-of-the-art technology for order picking and optimised distribution processes
  • Operation according to safety and security standards; ISO 22000 certified

Edenia Distribution Center Câmpia Turzii:

  • The first High-Bay warehouse for frozen products in Romania and the highest in Europe (42 m), fully automated

Storage capacity:

  • 17,000 pallets for the frozen products area (-24 degrees Celsius), of which 15,560 pallets in High-Bay
  • 500 pallets in the chilled area (2-4 degrees Celsius)
  • 16 storage levels in the High-Bay
  • Operation with 3 automatic cranes and pallet transport systems (conveyors)

Picking technology:

  • pick by voice, goods to man, man to goods
  • Advanced warehouse management system
  • Serves the north-west of Romania and the main foreign markets in the region
  • Strategic geographical location: average delivery time of 24 hours to neighbouring countries

Constintent quality

Quality ingredients

We carefully choose the ingredients of our products, sourced from the most renowned regions, to ensure we offer consumers the best. They go through a strict selection process and only those that meet our high quality standards make it to the next stage.


 Edenia vegetables come from areas recognised for their fertile soil and favourable climate. Immediately after harvest, they are cleaned, sorted and tested microbiologically, chemically (pesticides), sensorially (colour, taste, texture), nutritionally (vitamins, minerals). They are then flash frozen to preserve their nutritional values and freshness.

Edenia's semi-prepared products have the highest quality ingredients with a higher meat content.

The species chosen for the fish category are qualitatively superior and have a high nutritional value (trout, mackerel, cod).

The main ingredients found in La Strada sorbets and ice creams come from the most renowned regions in terms of quality. We use vanilla from Madagascar, mango from India, pistachios from California.

We select our suppliers according to their performance, because we want products that are safe, checked, certified and meet quality and food safety requirements. We only work with reputable suppliers on the European and international markets who are audited and approved to our standards. Their strict selection ensures a high level of protection for our consumers.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance is an important objective for us and we are certified according to the Food Safety Management Standard FOOD SAFETY SYSTEM CERTIFICATION (FSSC) 22000 (VERSION 4.1), certified by Lloyd's Register.

 The Macromex quality department consists of a team of specialists who constantly check that the quality criteria of the products we offer to customers and consumers are met.

 The distribution of products is based on quality documents issued by our specialists, following quality checks for each batch of product delivered.

Healthy Lifestyle

The Freezing Process

Freezing is the best way to preserve products because it keeps their properties naturally intact.

The so-called 'fresh' vegetables you find in the market or in shops have been picked, sorted, transported and stored, all within at least one day. This is enough time for them to lose at least 45% of their nutritional content.

Edenia vegetables are picked when ripe and take only a few hours to reach the freezing line. No salt or other preservatives are added. They just go through a strong steam jet and are then frozen. That's why, for Edenia vegetables, freezing means naturalness. The FDA (Food & Drug Administration) has confirmed since 1998 that frozen vegetables have almost the same amount of vitamins and nutrients as freshly picked vegetables.

The same is true for fish, especially ocean fish species that come from more remote regions and are subject to a longer time to reach the consumer.

To keep it fresh, Edenia fish are frozen the same day they are caught, often on the boat. The fish therefore retains its properties. In addition, the freezing process quickly stops all microbiological activity that spoils the product. The thin layer of ice covering the fish fillets, called glaze, protects them and maintains their texture.

In addition to preserving freshness and nutrients, frozen products have many other important advantages: they are available in all seasons and require less cooking time as they are already ready to cook. Plus, you can use exactly the amount you need, eliminating food waste and saving money.

Caring for the Environment

For a healthy lifestyle, we need a healthy environment. To have the best ingredients it is important to take care of nature and its resources.

Reducing waste: one of the important benefits of frozen food is that you can only use the amount you need and don't throw anything away. In addition, they are often ready cleaned and cut, requiring a much shorter thermal cooking time.

Our fish species come from sources that have sustainable fisheries as their orientation. Aquaculture fish come from fish farms that reproduce the natural environment of the species.

In order to ensure the long-term and constant supply of vegetables, we take into account the balance that must exist between their production and environmental responsibility. We must be careful not to take what we cannot replace.

In designing the Edenia Distribution Center logistics complex in Campia Turzii, the environmental impact was taken into account. High-quality insulation, efficient refrigeration equipment and the reuse of waste heat guarantee maximum energy savings in warehouse operation and low carbon emissions. In addition, up to 40% of energy is supplied by a nearby solar farm.

Social Responsibility

Combating food waste

For over 30 years, Macromex has been a leader in the food industry, particularly in the frozen food segment.

Our experience, passion for staying ahead, the professionalism of our team, product quality, courage to take risks, and quick response to market opportunities and changes have led to our company's constant and sustained growth.

Our mission is to offer consumers a superior experience by providing innovative, high-quality products. In everything we do, we emphasize innovation, consistent quality, and a healthy lifestyle. This approach has naturally resulted in the development of successful brands in the Romanian market such as EDENIA, FOOD&GLORY, LA STRADA, and CORSO. The reputation and strength of these brands are clear proof that Macromex is today a benchmark in the industry. We measure our performance by market position and share, the notoriety of our brands and those of our partners, but most importantly, by the additional value we bring to consumers' lives.

By actively engaging in supporting the community, we have taken on the role of supporters of social and environmental causes. Through projects like Romania for Gold, we support the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee and various federations, and through the Social Food project, we have provided over 1 million servings of hot meals to people in need. 

We firmly commit to promoting healthy eating in schools and kindergartens and to fighting food waste, in partnership with Food Banks across the country and associations supporting social causes. We also commit to combating food waste and promoting sustainable practices in all aspects of our activity.

We proudly affirm our commitment to social responsibility year after year and our desire to do as much as possible for the community and the environment. We appreciate every success and are determined to continue actively participating in projects that have a positive impact on society.


In 2023, Macromex donated 170 tons of food. 

Recipients of Macromex donations include local food banks and associations in various cities across the country: Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Roman, Brașov, Oradea, Timișoara, Turda, Constanța, Covasna, and Galați.


Associations and foundations supporting social causes include: AS Banca pentru Colectare și Distribuire Alimente București, BlackSea Foodignity, AS Banca Regională pentru Alimente Cluj, Mănăstirea Oașa, Asociația Umanitară Ancora Turda, AS Banca pentru Alimente Roman, AS Banca pentru Alimente Brașov, ACI Acoperământul Maicii Domnului, AS Banca Regională pentru Alimente Oradea, AS Banca Regională pentru Alimente Timișoara, AS Banca Regională pentru Alimente Constanța, AS Banca Regională pentru Alimente Covasna, Asociația Pastel, Asociația Profesională Womens Networking România, Asociația Infocons, Municipiul Turda, Municipiul Câmpia Turzii, AS Banca Regională pentru Alimente Galați.

Educational institutions, both public and private, include: Asociația "Centru de formare profesională HoReCa School", Liga Studenților din Facultatea de Automatică și Calculatoare a Universității Politehnică București, Asociația "Uniunea studenților Academiei de Studii Economice din București", Asociația de părinți al “CN Ion Creangă”.

In the sports sector - COSR and Federations: The Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee, the Romanian Rowing Federation, Asociația Clubului Sportiv Aqua Sport Citius București, the Romanian Table Tennis Federation.


Through constant donations to food banks across the country and projects focused on social responsibility and sustainability, we are dedicated to providing help where it is most needed. We are grateful for the community's support and promise to continue actively engaging in social and environmental causes to make a difference in the lives of those around us. Together, we can build a better future!